Pathetic batting display from OCA gift Centurions easy win

It was OCA/Overseas 1A and Centurions CC who featured in the 377th match of the season. Overseas 1A won the toss and decided to bat first. Except for winning the toss, OCA did nothing right. Their batsmen failed to hang in for long time at the crease. They failed to score the boundaries off bad deliveries. They didn’t try to disturb the rhythm of bowlers. The team was dismissed by the end of 32nd over. OCA/Overseas bowlers could not buy wickets to create any sort of pressure. At the end of the day, Centurions CC won by 9 wickets and 35 overs to spare.

OCA/Overseas 1A batsmen had no answers for Centurions bowling brilliance. They did not bowl a single extra. Centurions’ bowlers bowled in the right areas, giving no freebies. By the end of 32nd over, OCA/Overseas got all out for 84. Antique made an innings of substance in the opening. Expect for him, no other batsmen showed up in the need of the hour. Vanniasinghe picked up three wickets followed by Varadarajan’s two scalps. Byone dismissed four of OCA/Overseas batsmen. He completed full quota of ten overs, giving a miserly 21 runs.

There would be nothing to take from this batting performance of OCA/Overseas. It was pathetic batting display of all sorts. They have to flush it out of their system real quick. It should be a forgettable day for their top order batsmen. Given how quickly Centurions chased the target, one can realize the irresponsible performance in first innings. Centurions weren’t forced to use the 6th bowler. Rasanayam was the 6th bowler for records, who just bowled one over. OCA/Overseas batsmen hardly made Centurions sweat.

There was not much to report on Centurions innings. Rajagopal got bowled, when he was on 9. Puvinmanasingle scored 36, courtesy of 3 boundaries. Varadarajan was at his usual best scoring 43 runs. His innings was built around 6 boundaries. The chase was completed by the 15th over. Khandoor, Thakur and Panchal were ransacked for runs. If that’s any relief, OCA/Overseas conceded only 2 extras. It would be hard to find any positives of OCA/Overseas 1A in this match.

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